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The Andersons | Maumee, Ohio

Whether it is tearing down the old barn or properly dismantling a silo, Irving Demolition can ensure that building removal protects the precious farmland it sits on. When livestock buildings are no longer in use, it is important to remove the structures in ways that comply with state and federal environmental laws, making Irving your best choice when it comes to all your agricultural demolition needs, including the removal of:


  • Poultry barns

  • Silos

  • Pig barns

  • Dairy facilities

  • Farmhouses

  • Cow sheds

  • Horse stables

  • Greenhouses

  • Slaughterhouses


Irving’s dedication to preserving any salvageable equipment and materials the client requests is top priority to ensure the best quality and value of the job. 

Farmers Elevator Cooperative | Holgate, Ohio

Harvest Land Cooperative | Greenville, Ohio

Sunrise Energy | Norwalk, Ohio