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Manage your liability and risks...choose your contractor carefully!

Is your contractor licensed?

Some cities require the contractor to apply and pay for a contractor’s license while   conducting work in the city. L.J. Irving will handle all notifications, permits, environmental     issues in the demolition process as well as the final clean–up and grading. An unlicensed contractor can be fined and ordered to stop the job, delaying the project.

Do you carry General Liability Insurance for demolition and what is your amount?

L.J. Irving has General Liability Insurance specifically for demolition work. Make sure the company you are considering carries general liability insurance for demolition. It is much more costly to carry an insurance policy for demolition than regular liability insurance. Also, remember that anyone can say they are insured. Ask the contractor to provide a copy of the insurance certificate and check the expiration dates.

What are your bonding limits?

Depending on the nature and scope of the project at hand, a demolition contractor may provide bonding insurance that guarantees your project will be completed as promised. Whether required or not, this shows that the contractor has been reviewed by the bond provider and found to be a low risk. Ask if the contractor has ever failed to complete a project and, if so, under what circumstances. Bonding also defines financial security of the company. L.J. Irving has never had a claim with their bonding insurance company.

Do you carry proper Workers' Compensation Insurance for demolition?

L. J. Irving carries and pays for Workers Compensation based on our field of expertise– demolition. We have an excellent Experience Modification Rating (EMR) history with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation based on our diligence for job safety. According to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, L.J. Irving has the best possible rating.

Make sure the contractor, not another entity, has active Workers’ Compensation insurance for demolition. It protects you, the owner from liability if a worker is injured while on your property. Be aware that if the contractor doesn’t carry Workers’ Compensation coverage, you may be at risk and can be liable for any injuries suffered by the contractor or any of his employees on your property. Ask to see the contractor’s active certificate of coverage.

Are your workers on your payroll or are they subcontractors?

L.J. Irving will complete the demolition project with its team of experienced employees.

Some contractors use outside labor to avoid extra costs associated with demolition liability insurance and Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation coverage. A so called demolition contractor bidding your job may sub out the work to a subcontractor that may or may not have demolition   experience leaving you vulnerable if an accident occurs.

Are you and your employees OSHA certified?

The owners and employees of L.J. Irving Demolition are OSHA certified in Hazard Recognition for Construction Safety and Health. This certificate means there is a heightened level of safety awareness for an injury free workplace.

Do you participate in the State of Ohio Drug And Alcohol Free Program?

L.J. Irving has been a member of the program since 1995 without citations. The owners and employees also passed FBI criminal background checks. These programs can prevent occupational illnesses and injuries by identifying , preventing, evaluating and controlling workplace hazards.

Where does the contractor dispose of the material from the job?

L.J. Irving guarantees all debris resulting from demolition operations shall be expedited from the worksite by this contractor and disposed of at spoil sites in a legal manner in full compliance with applicable codes and ordinances. For asbestos related material the property owner, the owner of the spoil site and the contractor are responsible if the asbestos material is not disposed of properly. For demolition debris and / or solid waste, the spoil site owner and contractor are responsible if not disposed of properly

Who will be at the site and how will it be supervised?

L.J. Irving will always ensure the presence of either a company owner or a job foreman will be present while on your premises.

Make sure the contractor himself or a foreman is on the job daily whenever work is being performed– especially when sub-contractors are being used so you will have confidence the project will be well managed.

Do you belong to the Better Business Bureau?

L.J. Irving is an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau serving   Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. No complaints have been filed against L.J. Irving.

Ask the contractor if they have had any customer complaints or unresolved issues. You can also search the company at

How do you work?

Ask questions such as: How many projects like mine have you completed in the last year? How do they perform their work? What time do they start and end? How will you protect my property? Do you work straight through a project?

Do you have a list of references?

L.J. Irving will gladly provide a list of references for previous jobs upon client request.

A contractor should be able to give you names, addresses and phone numbers of at least three clients with projects like yours. Ask each client how long ago the project was and whether it was completed on time? Was the client satisfied? Were there any unexpected costs? Did workers show up on time and clean up after finishing the job?

How long has your company been in business?

Longevity implies experience and a history of fair dealing. L.J. Irving Demolition has been in business since 1987 and became a corporation in 1994.

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